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Obama Cuts Ad for Illinois State Legislature Primary Challenger

By on 3.7.16 | 1:38PM

It's unlikely that President Obama will return to Illinois after he finishes his tenure in the White House, but he obviously has no qualms about ruining the state for the rest of us. 

If you haven't noticed, Illinois has been locked in a budget stranglehold since last July, with the Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, and Democratic party leaders at each others throats over the state's insane spending problems and multi-billion dollar shortfall. Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan is the Governor's main opponent, wielding massive union- and crony-backed influence built from decades in power, against any of the governor's efforts at reform - pension or otherwise. 

Why, Of Course Mitt Romney Wouldn’t Turn Down Your Convention Nomination

By on 3.7.16 | 12:57PM

While I wouldn't put it past the Republican Party to attempt a third Mitt Romney run (this time will be it!), I doub that Mitt Romney is really serious about making another go at the nation's highest office, unless his recently upgraded robot body has received a radio transmission from deep space instructing him in ways us mere humanoids are incapable of discerning. 

But heck, why not at least mention in passing that, if the Republican party decides to call him into action, that he'd be ready to load up the Mittmobile with potato skins and Diet Coke and take off on a cross-country reunion tour? 

Bernie Sanders: White People Don’t Know What It’s Like to Be Poor

By on 3.7.16 | 12:37PM

Last night's Democratic debate, held in Flint, Michigan for maximum pandering power, was full of choice nuggets.

Bernie Sanders sexistly hushed Hillary Clinton as she tried to interrupt his ranting. MSNBC was caught giving Hillary's spokeswoman the interview questions ahead of time. Bernie Sanders blamed Flint's water crisis on corporations instead of the 60 years of Democratic rule that allowed the city's pipes to turn to rusty mush so that the drinking water would be filled with lead as soon as they came to rely on local water sources. Hillary Clinton called on Michigan governor Rick Snyder to resign because obviously, a Republican governor is completely at fault for whatever Democrats have spent the last six decades ruining. 

Thousands of Bernie Sanders Contributions Are Illegal, Says FEC

By on 3.7.16 | 11:46AM

Not that I'm a fan of traumatizing The American Spectator's readers, but the Bernie Sanders love has gotten so great over the last few weeks, as the candidate has irretrivably declined in the polls, that the Bernie Sanders products, available for Internet purchase, have achieved an all-time low. It seems that Bernie Sanders love has moved from the purely policy oriented, into the downright creepy; you can now purchase — for the low, low price of $8.10 (it's not free, sorry) — a "Buff Bernie" coloring book, featuring page after page of shirtless Bernie Sanders in provocative poses.

But while Bernie Sanders shower fantasies might be at an all-time high, the candidate's appeal seems to be weakening. Millennials with no concept of life under socialism, having been born after the fall of the USSR, can only keep a single candidate afloat for so long before he's done in by the tyrannical machinations of the Democratic party's inevitable frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. In the Texas primary, he lost Austin. It's over.

Justin Trudeau is Condescending & Smug Just Like Obama

By on 3.6.16 | 9:00PM

I watched this evening's 60 Minutes profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While Lara Logan did try, she was not immune from the younger Trudeau's charms.

But I was not so bothered by Logan as I was by Trudeau himself who came across as smug and condescending in a manner reminiscent of President Obama. Only he did so with a Canadian twist.

When Logan asked him about the possibility of a terrorist attack being committed by one of the 25,000 Syrian refugees Canada has accepted, Trudeau stated, "Ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to diffuse hatred and anger than, you know, layering on, you know, big walls and oppressive policies."

So were Canadians insufficiently open and respectful when a jihadist saw fit to murder a Canadian soldier guarding the National War Memorial before making way to Parliament Hill?

Downton Abbey vs. Democrat Debate; Like There’s Any Contest

By on 3.6.16 | 8:31PM

I will not be watching tonight's Democrat debate. Instead, I shall watch tonight's finale of Downton Abbey. 

Whie Bernie Sanders is still winning primaries, the nomination is a fait d'accompli for Hillary. There is no suspense and even if there was nothing good will come of it.

The same cannot be said of Downton. Will Lady Edith find happiness in matrimony? Will Mary make amends with Edith? Will Anna and Mr. Bates become proud parents? Will Barrow find new employment and peace of mind? Will Daisy blame millionaires and billionaires for her lot in life?

While Downton Abbey will go out in a blaze of glory, the Democratic Party will simply go out in a blaze.


Nancy Reagan, R.I.P.

By on 3.6.16 | 2:03PM

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has passed away of congestive heart failure. She was 94.

Born Anne Francis Robbins, her mother would later re-marry neurosurgeon (and prominent Republican) Loyal Davis and be known as Nancy Davis. She aspired to be an actress and signed a contract with MGM in 1949. However, her career was nearly derailed before it began when her name appeared on the Hollywood blacklist. Davis turned to the Screen Actors Guild for help and sought out the counsel of its President. That man was Ronald Reagan.

Trump Wins Kentucky & Louisiana; Calls on Rubio to Drop Out of Race

By on 3.5.16 | 11:41PM

Although Ted Cruz triumphed in Kansas and Maine, Donald Trump took two more wins in the Kentucky Caucus and the Louisiana Primary this evening.

During his speech/press conference this evening, Trump called upon Marco Rubio to drop out of the race. 

Of course, this will not happen. Rubio isn't going to give up on Florida nor will he roll over and play dead for Trump.

Nevertheless, Florida is a must win for Rubio. It won't be easier with Cruz's announcement that his campaign will open 10 offices in the Sunshine state. While this strategy could be costly to Rubio it could be equally costly to Cruz. If Cruz ends up helping Trump triumph a winner-take-all state like Florida, he will have effectively cut off his note to spite his face.

As of this writing, Trump has 378 delegates compared to 295 for Cruz. Rubio and John Kasich have 123 and 34, respectively. If Trump wins Florida and Ohio, it will be difficult to see how Cruz or anyone else can catch Trump.

Cruz Beats Trump in Kansas By 2:1 Margin; Also Wins Maine Caucuses

By on 3.5.16 | 9:10PM

Ted Cruz is having a good Saturday so far. He has decisively won the Kansas Caucus by greater than a 2:1 margin (48% to 23%) and has also won the caucuses in Maine despite the fact Maine Governor Paul Le Page's strong support for Trump. 

As of this writing, Cruz has now won six states. In addition to Kansas and Maine, Cruz has also won in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. 

While it is possible that anti-Trump forces could coalesce around Cruz (even Lindsey Graham has come around), It remains to be seen if Cruz can win any more states tonight and beyond. There are fewer closed caucuses and fewer Evangelical voters from here on out as well as Marco Rubio and John Kasich not going anywhere for at least the next 10 days.


A Waughful Mistake

By on 3.5.16 | 2:54PM

I was surprised to be reminded that Time still exists, but not at all surprised at the knee-slapper of a mistake its ill-read writers and editors committed recently on Time’s website.

One is entitled to wonder if the world benefits in any way from a list of “the 100 most popular female authors on college campuses.” But Time has served one up anyway. And at least it has given us a laugh, at the expense of Time’s expensively educated editorial staff.