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Harper Tells Putin to Get Out of Ukraine; Obama Assails Abbott on Ebola Policy & Climate Change

By on 11.16.14 | 7:40PM

Let me take a moment to contrast Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Obama at the G-20 Summit in Australia. 

When Harper shook Putin's hand, he told him, "You need to get out of Ukraine." This earned Harper plaudits from the Australian media.

Meanwhile, President Obama sets his ire on the summit's host, Australian PM Tony Abbott. Obama assailed Abbott for closing Australia's border to African nations afflicted with Ebola and also criticized his efforts to combat climate change. Abbott was not intimidated and told Obama very plainly he would not commit to cutting carbon emissions or give money to the Climate Fund.

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ISIS Video Shows Beheadings of Peter Kassig & Syrian Soldiers UPDATED

By on 11.16.14 | 6:29PM

A third American hostage has been beheaded by ISIS. Aid worker and former Army Ranger Peter Kassig was beheaded in yet another gruesome online video posted by ISIS. It appears that he was executed by "Jihadi John", the same man who beheaded American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as well as British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning. Kassig wa present during Henning's execution last month. During his captivity, Kassig converted to Islam. Fat lot of good that did him. 

The video also showed several Syrian soldiers being beheaded. 

President Obama condemned Kassig's killing "an act of evil by a terrorist group." Depite his condemnations, Obama's military strategy against ISIS has been ineffectual and has not deterred ISIS one iota. Seeking Iran's help is a fool's errand. 

I wonder how many more Americans ISIS is holding. The State Department hasn't been forthcoming with that information. But as long as ISIS is holding Americans there will be more videos. That is unless we can find a way to rescue them.

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Joe Biden Saves Obama From Impeachment, Hits Hillary

By on 11.14.14 | 6:42PM

Joe Biden is having such a great week, he might sneak out of the Executive Office Building a little early tonight and get himself some ice cream. Or maybe that frozen yogurt that you pay for by the ounce, that you can put endless toppings on.

First, Trey Gowdy probably ended all talk of impeachment eeking out of Republican corners in light of last Tuesday's election results by suggesting that, if Barack Obama were to be impeached, we'd all be stuck with President Joe Biden, and that's not something anyone wants.

Gowdy was asked on Fox News Thursday night about the possibility of impeachment, if Obama acts without Congress on immigration. 

"Have you met Joe Biden, is my response to that," Gowdy replied. "So, no. Nobody's discussing impeachment except pundits and commentators. First of all, impeachment is a punishment; it's not a remedy. Second of all, the only people who want us to talk about impeachment are the president's allies."

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Dems Deny Pregnant Iraq War Vet Proxy Vote in Leadership Elections

By on 11.14.14 | 1:34PM

The #WaronWomen is most recently about birth control and whether it should be compulsory for anyone with an incorrect voting record, but Democrats have been confident in their superiority on "women's issues" long before Sandra Fluke testified under oath to her incorrect understanding of Catholic University's policies on contraception. Whether women are having babies, not having babies, having babies at work, not having babies because of work, or not having babies and also not working, Democrats are standing behind them encouraging them to do whatever it takes to register for a government program that will assist them at doing whatever it is they do. 

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Carney: Gruber “Helped to Write Obamacare”

By on 11.13.14 | 10:33PM

As Emily tells us with much bemusement, the Obama Administration is denying that Jon "The American People Are Stupid" Gruber had any part in developing Obamacare.

The only problem is that while appearing on CNN today former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in criticizing Gruber's "hubris" described him someone who "helped to write Obamacare." 

The Obama Administration has misled the public so often they can't keep their lies straight anymore. 

It would be funny if it wasn't so stupid.

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Trout, Kershaw Win AL/NL MVP Honors

By on 11.13.14 | 10:12PM

After finishing runner up to Miguel Cabrera for the AL MVP in 2012 and 2013, Mike Trout finally grabbed the brass ring by unanimously winning the 2014 AL MVP. Trout hit .287, belted 36 HR and drove in 111 runs for a resurgent Los Angeles Angels team. Detroit Tigers DH Victor Martinez and Cleveland Indians outfielder Michael Brantley were the runners up in the balloting. I suspect this will not be the 23-year old Trout's last MVP trophy.

As widely expected, Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw earned NL MVP honors beating out Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who won the award in 2013. This honor comes the day after winning his third NL Cy Young in four seasons. Kershaw is the first NL pitcher to win both the Cy Young and MVP in the same season since Bob Gibson did so in 1968. This has happened several times in the AL since Denny McLain won both awards in 1968. Vida Blue (1971), Rollie Fingers (1981), Roger Clemens (1986), Dennis Eckersley (1992) and Justin Verlander (2011). No one has ever done it twice. If anyone could pull that off it would be Kershaw. 



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Are You Ready for “Ted Cruz Saves America”?

By on 11.13.14 | 4:39PM

Last year, Really Big Coloring Books, a pre-eminent coloring book publisher, debuted it's Cruz to the Future coloring book for all of those hardcore Republican pre-schoolers on your list (or, of course, for any liberal family members who needed a more easily-understandable explanation of Cruz's popularity). It was so susccessful, apparently, that Really Big Coloring Books is about to issue a sequel, an eight-page supplement entitled Ted Cruz Saves America.

The children’s coloring book on Ted Cruz was so popular that the publisher is out with an addition.

Ted Cruz Saves America is an eight-page supplement to the original that came out last year by Really Big Coloring Books. Publisher Wayne Bell said the addendum was inspired by the reception to Cruz to the Future, which was the No. 1 best-selling children’s coloring book on Amazon for about 20 weeks.

“This book was so wildly crazy popular,” Bell told USA TODAY. “Some parents consider this man a real superhero.”

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Alvin Dark, R.I.P.

By on 11.13.14 | 4:18PM

Former MLB player and manager Alvin Dark has passed away after a lengthy illness. He was 92.

A native of Louisiana, Dark was a standout athlete at LSU excelling in baseball, football and basketball. However, Dark enlisted in the Marines and would serve in Peking in a non-combat role in the final year of WWII.

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Nancy Pelosi Has Never Heard of this Gruber Guy, Either

By on 11.13.14 | 1:15PM

Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no idea who this Jonathan Gruber guy is. Never heard of him. Did you mean that short-lived but intensely funny SNL skit, "MacGruber'? She's heard of that. But Jooonaaaathaaaan Gruuuuuberrrr? Isn't ringing any bells. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday tried to downplay comments by an architect of Obamacare, who was caught talking about the “stupidity of the American voter,” by saying she doesn’t even know who he is.

“I don’t know who he is,” she told reporters. “He didn’t help write our bill.”

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Chuck Hagel Lost Epic Battle With Kitchen Cabinet

By on 11.13.14 | 12:45PM

That's right, America. Our illustrious Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, was seriously injured in a fight with a piece of wood.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel might want to stay out of the kitchen for a while.

Hagel showed up Tuesday at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. sporting a huge bandage on his face after a "minor kitchen mishap."

That "mishap" involved a kitchen cabinet, and the cabinet clearly won.

Lucky for the cabinet, it caused no permanent damage. Otherwise, we might have written it a secret letter, asking for it's cooperation in the Middle East.

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