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Srpska Smackdown

By on 6.6.06 | 9:25AM

For those of you worried that independence for Montenegro would set off a chain reaction of ornery separatism, may I present the US and EU's major-league neg of a copycat referendum for the infamous Republika Srpska. Kosovo, of course, is well on its way to full breakaway status -- but here Montenegrin independence serves as a cherry on top, not a catalyst, of an unfinished ordeal over a decade in the making.

Now if only someone could bring an orderly Balkanization to Somalia. or Sudan. Or Iraq. Or...

Re: Nominating Kofi’s successor

By on 6.5.06 | 11:40PM

I nominate Indian novelist Arundhati Roy. She has all the requirements: impoverished upbringing (or so the story goes) in India/>, an attractive woman, a bestselling author, and an unrepentant and unhinged critic of the West and the U.S./>/> in particular. Her career was nicely summarized by one newspaper, which said that she proved “that you can be a political radical and look like a million dollars at parties.” And the title of her bestselling novel, The God of Small Things, is a nice distillation of the U.N. Secretary General’s position.

Appointment Television

By on 6.5.06 | 10:32PM

The last time Jim Webb debated Harris Miller, it descended into a shout fest and Webb telling Miller to "shut your mouth."

In that case, they will be right at home on Hardball Thursday. If you want a cheap pick-me-up (two Dems going at each other's throats), don't miss it.

Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 2:15PM

Yassir Arafat? Mickey Mouse? Ok, the UN is a fictional force for peace. At this rate, we'll be nominating every fictional character, even Lindsay Graham. Why not Tony Soprano? He'd at least hold UN employees accountable for job performance.

Before Kofi Leaves…

By on 6.5.06 | 1:17PM

Ok, our "name the Sec Gen" effort is well under way. But before we say goodbye to ol' Kof, he's got another shot to take at us: he's written an op-ed in the WSJ on immigration that's taken from John McCain's talking points on the Senate bill. Anyone who is lacking reasons to defeat the Senate sludge should think: when was the last time Kofi endorsed something that was good for America?

Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 12:50PM

Early leaders: Ray Nagin and Eliot Spitzer. Keep 'em coming folks. And don't forget our pals from abroad. I'm thinking about Al-Jazeera's spokesman: Jihad Ballout. (No, I'm not making that name up. My imagination ain't that good.)

Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 11:45AM

Dear Lady G: Who could possibly forget Little Billy? And I have to add to the rules: anyone who nominates any suitable nitwit has to give the best reasons for the nom. And I hereby disqualify Harriett Miers. We don't need another round of reasons why she shouldn't get an elevated post.