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RE: ‘Mayberry with a Major Airport’

By on 9.27.06 | 12:42PM

Paul: What struck me about that article was this sentence from the second passage you quoted: ". That, according to Hispanic leaders, has created a constant worry for people who are in the United States illegally and now fear deportation after a simple traffic stop."

Um, shouldn't they be worried about deportation because they are here illegally?

It goes to show how seriously our some segments in our society are about illegal immigration when what really blows up their skirts is a traffic stop.

‘Mayberry with a Major Airport’

By on 9.27.06 | 11:30AM

The Washington Post reports today from down here in the Tar Heel state on a Mecklenburg County immigration enforcement program in which deportation proceedings are initiated against anyone arrested by local officers, whether it's for a traffic stop or for a felony. So far, so effective:

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph says there should be little sympathy for illegal immigrants caught by his program: They have already broken the law once by being here illegally, and then been arrested on suspicion of another crime.

"When any of them cross that border without proper documentation, they've violated the law -- however insignificant it may seem to some people," he said. "I've heard sad stories about folks wanting to come up here and have a better life and earn money for their family. I've arrested bank robbers who've had the same excuse."

But we're talking about The Post here, so it takes on a predictably whiny tone:

Starving Hamas

By on 9.27.06 | 10:50AM

In Time, Tony Karon argues that refusing aid to the Palestinian Authority in hopes that it will cause enough misery to force Hamas to recognize Israel is not a good policy, because any recognition Hamas makes under these cricumstances would be meaningless and it's cruel to the Palestinian people.

I agree with part of that statement. Getting Hamas to verbally recognize Israel is pointless unless the group actually abandons terrorism as well. But, I don't think withholding aid from the Palestinian government is merely about making Palestinians miserable so that they will reject Hamas. The decision to withhold aid arises because Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the United States and Europe, and there are policies in place against funding terrorist groups.

Bin Laden Politics

By on 9.27.06 | 10:31AM

The recent rumors that bin Laden died of Typhoid last month have not been proven true. But the reports made me wonder, at this point, whether there would be any sort of political bounce for Bush if bin Laden were found dead, and particularly if he were to die anticlimactically of disease rather than a U.S. military strike.