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DeLay Out?

By on 4.4.06 | 12:21AM

That's the word, in spite of remaining sanguine in the face of strong Democratic challengers and the Abramoff scandal.

UPDATE: Via Drudge, Time's Mike Allen has more: says he didn't want to risk the seat and that he could accomplish more outside the House than inside.

For such a formerly effective operator, that goes to show how far he'd fallen on the Hill.

Re: Immigration and Ballots

By on 4.3.06 | 8:15PM

John, Great point. To add to that, Kilgore hardly mentioned the day laborer centers. (Kristol omits that it was a day laborer center -- and not some philanthropic shelter as he implies.) And polling data showed that the issue was probably a winner for him.

Immigration and Ballots

By on 4.3.06 | 8:04PM

Like David Corn and Byron York (video), I'm not really sure how the immigration debate will affect electoral politics. But Bill Kristol's argument-by-anecdote that restrictionist "yahoos" are on the verge of "driving the party off a cliff" is pretty unconvincing. This part in particular:

Oh Say Can You See…And How’s it Make You Feel?

By on 4.3.06 | 7:31PM

Eric Berlin does a really good job parsing out legitimate dismay over recent immigration protests from xenophobic fears, as a reaction to this much-ballyhooed post over at Daily Kos from earlier today. It should be read in its full conext, but here's a taste:

...I find sealing off the border, or deporting or jailing 11 million illegal immigrants, to be completely irrational ideas. I'm more of an open borders person. That said, it is neither crazy nor racist for Republicans to react as they have been to this weekend's protest. (Although I don't doubt that some of the loonier ideologues on talk radio have taken their vitriol to racist levels.) I was put off by those signs, and I largely support the protestors. Or thought I did, until I saw those signs. To pretend this is only about the flying of the Mexican flag is disingenuous.

Mobile on guest workers

By on 4.3.06 | 4:38PM

My old paper in Mobile, newly renamed the Press-Register, ran this thoughtful editorial on Friday. In some ways it resembles a creative plan from the Kreible Foundation. Both call for slightly different spins on President Bush's "guest worker" ideas for immigrants. Frankly, I have no use for ANYbody who comes here illegally, although I like the idea of expanding LEGAL immigration and/or legal guest worker programs... but only AFTER we control our borders better. If that means a double-tiered fence, so be it. One question, though: How is a "guest worker" program different from an ordinary green card? I admit my ignorance here, but it seems to me that the green card program ALREADY is a guest worker program. And if people ignore that legal process and come here by illegal means, I think we ought to send them to Singapore for punishment. All that said, I'm open to having lawmakers look into the Press-Register AND the Kreible proposals...

Zarqawi Demoted?

By on 4.3.06 | 1:13PM

It looks like Iraq's Public Enemy Number One might be having a bad day at the office.

Punting on Padilla

By on 4.3.06 | 12:20PM

The Supreme Court declined to hear the case now that Jose Padilla is facing criminal charges.

Claudia for Sec Gen

By on 4.3.06 | 10:01AM

Those of us who study the UN and write about its failings owe a lot to the ground-breaking reporting of Claudia Rosett of the Wall Street Journal. The April edition of Commentary has yet another article by Claudia that answers, definitively, the question of How Corrupt is the UN. We really ought to be starting a Claudia for Secretary General campaign. On second thought, I wouldn't wish it on her. She's much too good a person to thrive in that environment.

Hope Springs Eternal

By on 4.3.06 | 9:15AM

Welcome to one of the most glorious days of spring, Opening Day. It's that one special day of the season when my Cubs are guaranteed to be tied for first. From here on out, all bets are off.

Re: Tehran Apocalypse

By on 4.3.06 | 8:51AM

To catch up to a few of our faithful readers:

Fitz: You're lucky. We have to watch this stuff, you don't. Someday, we should compare my Bayer/Tylenol budget to yours.

AndyDiP: The Dems aren't lightweights. They just can't stand the idea of wasting time that could be spent planning tax increases on trivialities such as the survival of our nation. To paraphrase Peggy Noonan, in 1994 the Dems lost the Congress. In 2000, they lost the Presidency. And then they lost their minds...

Debbie: I believe that the Iranians don't yet have a deployable nuke for two reasons. First, none of my sources - whom I trust, based on their track records and my judgment of them personally - think so. Second, if they did have nuclear weapons, they'd be using them to proclaim their hegemony over the Middle East and to give cover for a huge multinational terrorist rampage. The only thing holding them back is the lack of these weapons.