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NSA Rocks

By on 1.31.06 | 8:50PM

POTUS takes the battle to the enemy sitting in the room.

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Slapping the Jihad’s Enablers

By on 1.31.06 | 8:48PM

Egypt's Mubarak and Hamas's Meshed and Saud's Abdullah get slapped.


"Must not permit the Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons."


Citizens of Iran: "a free and democratic Iran ..."

Ahmadinejad stares back from the mystery of his hidey-hole.

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SOTU Hilly

By on 1.31.06 | 8:45PM

Hillary looks depressed. Maybe she was planning on a drink with Cindy after class.

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Hamas Demands

By on 1.31.06 | 8:44PM

Must recognize Israel and reject terrorism. Strong words. Fat chance.

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Ready for Bed?

By on 1.31.06 | 8:39PM

Bush is running over the applause lines, speeding up. Slow, pal. Sleep in tomorrow.

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New Starting Five Rogues

By on 1.31.06 | 8:36PM

POTUS names the names:

Syria, Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran.

To my memory, this is the first time Burma and Zimbabwe have been demoted to North Korea status. Mugabe swallows and smiles.

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Sam’s Catching On

By on 1.31.06 | 8:35PM

I'm enjoying watching Justice Alito tonight: before the speech, he was a little awestruck, looking around the chamber. At the last applause line, he wasn't sure if he should clap or not. So he meekly looked to his right, saw other justices clapping, and decided it's a good idea.

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