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‘Nazi Kikes Out of Lebanon’

By on 8.14.06 | 11:11AM

So reads one sign at the "Stop the U.S.-Israeli War" rally held in San Francisco over the weekend. That and plenty more similar images captured by Zombie (including photos of people waving Hezbollah and Hamas flags and dressing up as terrorists).

What's most striking is that in the past, most anti-Israel protesters attempted to hide their anti-Semitism by framing it as merely being anti-Israel. But now, no such pretense exists.

Meanwhile, Little Green Footballs has similar images from DC and demonstrates how the mainstream media whitewashes the protests to only show images to make the rally seem family-friendly.

Same lesson as Mike Wallace's interview with Iran's Ahmadinejad: as long as you hate President Bush, you get a free pass for hating Jews as well.

Re: America, Land of the ‘So-Called’ Free

By on 8.14.06 | 12:05AM

Thanks, Philip, for the martyrdom operation of enduring that fawning and preposterous ritual which seems to have been Mike Wallace's interview with the Devil's version of Ringo Starr. One of the casualties of being without television is missing these segments for the ages. Iran is quite clearly a monster state in a way not even North Korea, in its fuddy-duddy condition of insularity, can accomplish. Pyongyang is but the mad laboratory in the world's basement.

And people are kidding themselves if they think that any of this would be acceptable or even more acceptable with Saddam Hussein carrying on. I suppose the same wicked Americans who supported Iraq against Iran while they duked it out in the eighties are nothing at all like modern critics who would look so well on a Sunni-Shia nuclear arms race rather than what we have now? Events threaten to outpace a levelheaded digestion of our memories of them. I take a dip here on the Iranian impact upon a judgment of failure in Iraq. We all need a plunge of disciplined remembrance.

The Outrage of the Week

By on 8.13.06 | 11:13PM

So, I'm hanging out with a lot of happy midwesterners at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Enjoying my Paul Bunyan breakfasts and waterparks galore. Everything is just lovely until I page through the funnies and run into this gem from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller:

"Everyone here is granted one wish? That's so cool!"

"Well, not always. See that man over there? He was a strict constitution originalist on the Supreme Court and wished to see all the amendments removed."

"Clarence, be a good slave and fetch me some coffee."


"And who's that guy who owns him?"

"That's Antonin Scalia. He made the same wish."

Now, let me tell you something. There's ugly and there's stupid. And there's ugly and stupid. This comic by Wiley Miller hits on both cylinders.

America: Land of the ‘So-Called’ Free

By on 8.13.06 | 9:26PM

I just got finished watching Mike Wallace's interview with Iran's Ahmadinejad on "60 Minutes," and it was one of the most pathetic, most offensive, examples of American journalism I have ever seen. Wallace was so desperate to come out of retirement to interview the modern day Hitler that he was willing to become his propagandist.

He allowed Ahmadinejad to portray himself as a loving father of three who enjoys reading and exercise and supports human rights and an end to oppression. If only President Bush didn't spend so much money on war, we could all live in peace.

At no point did Wallace challenge Ahmadinejad on the severe human rights abuses within Iran (for instance, the recent beating and arrest of hundreds of women's right's activists by Iranian police).

Saved By Islam, Or Something

By on 8.11.06 | 7:15PM

There are so many left-footed and left-handed little outrages packed into the stock phrase now used to describe our blessed terror-plot tipster (Pakistani, I think) that one has to crack open a beer to properly take, well, stock.

Indeed we should all be heaping praise and benedictions upon the person who saw fit to save, as it happens, hundreds of innocent lives from rending immolation above the deep-water Atlantic Ocean this August 16th. But this person has been dubbed by a battery of major news outlets, in typical psittacine fashion, "a worried member of the Muslim community."


By on 8.11.06 | 3:37PM

In my article today I state that the Stop Over Spending Act reinstitutes the PAYGO rule. Sorry, but that's not entirely accurate. It only reinstitutes it in a very narrow fashion, applying only to amendments to bills in the reconciliation process. (For a definition of the reconciliation process, go here (PDF).) The PAYGO rule does not apply to any other budget legislation.

Thanks to the folks at the Senate Budget Committee for pointing that out.


By on 8.11.06 | 2:47PM

I mentioned this to a friend in conversation and he suggested I go on the record, so here goes: At some point, Andrew Sullivan will attach his beloved "Christianist" label to someone who is not actually a Christian. (Note: It's possible this has already happened, but if so I missed it.)

Joe-Mentum Returns

By on 8.11.06 | 1:46PM

Yes, Senator Lieberman's clever plan to lure 26 young Muslims wayward youth into his wiley plan to win re-election is now truly taking hold.

Initial polling from Rasmussen shows Lieberman with a 46 percent to 41 percent lead over Nutty Ned. The nameless Repuiblican garners a mere 6 percent.

Somewhere we hear Daily Kos chat room habitues' heads exploding.