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Selfish Imperialism

By on 11.5.05 | 1:32PM

Those are the last two words in the last footnote on the last page of Flashman on the March. I know this only because I have, to my utter dismay, already finished the book. I will tell you nothing else about it. Buy it, read it, enjoy it. And then join me in the misery of waiting -- how long? -- until the next one is published.

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Colbert King’s Values

By on 11.5.05 | 11:46AM

Colbert King, one of the WaPo editorial page editors, is up in arms today about the values baggage a Supreme Court nominee may carry. In his column, though, he points out a distressing problem with one of the Dems' only two issues.

Writing about constitutional lawyer John Davis's argument in favor of the "separate but equal" doctrine of Plessy v. Ferguson in the Brown v. Board of Education case, King says:

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Re: There They Go Again

By on 11.5.05 | 9:15AM

Here's a good primer on the battle to control the Internet by Kenneth Neil Cukier in Foreign Affairs. And here's the U.S. policy that Cukier calls "a sort of Monroe Doctrine for our times."

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There They Go Again

By on 11.5.05 | 7:12AM

Anyone reading this blog appreciates the freedom of speech and of the press the Internet facilitates. Without it, we'd be the rapid exchange of news and views that now propel American politics would be slowed considerably. And, of course, the Turtle Bay crime family wants a nose under the tent, eyeing the means to limit that freedom.

In today's WaPo, Ol' Kofi tells us just why we shouldn't be concerned about the UN's efforts to take control of the Internet. That's the farthest thing from their minds, sayeth he. But the money quote is:

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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Demagogue

By on 11.4.05 | 5:03PM

Quick: what do former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Richard Myers and former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali have in common? Hint: it's not patriotism. But both men will be given the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, at a White House ceremony next week.

That the same ceremony will honor not only Myers but a giant like Robert Conquest, a man who labored a lifetime to illuminate the darkness inhabited by fools like Ali, is breathtaking, but not terribly surprising.

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French Fried

By on 11.4.05 | 3:18PM

One of the storylines of the fires in Paris is: Muslim youths aren't listening to the authorities. And why is that? One reason is that the Imams who might be telling them to knock it off are seen by them as stooges of the French government. Young Muslims aren't fooled by "French Islam," and reject the "French Council for the Muslim Religion" as a joke. They realize that Frenchifying Islam means removing Islam from Islam. Consequently, as this secularizing campaign has accelerated, French Muslims have been looking abroad for the real thing, turning to global Islam for money to finance private schools. Nicolas Sarkozy "reaped jeers and whistles," according to a Time story from 2003, when he "used a speech before more than 10,000 vow that women must remove their veils for the photographs on their French identity cards." Malek Chebel, a Muslim anthropologist, said to Time prophetically that the popular militant Muslim leaders in France have "endless money, great numbers on their side, and they have time...The fundamentalists are working toward a shock, one that is dangerous for the equilibrium of the state."

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Joe’s In For It Now

By on 11.4.05 | 2:23PM

This story popped up today on American Thinker.

Apparently, Wilson outed his wife far before Novak ever did, and the site which normally carries the program and the speech is down. Does anyone have the mp3 in which Wilson gives his speech? Please, please, please email us at if so.

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Update: Kaine Fined For Misleading Mailer

By on 11.4.05 | 2:14PM

To follow up on last week's item on Tim Kaine's mailing that appeared to be sent from the Virginia Club for Growth, Kaine has been fined by the Board of Elections for violating the "Stand by Your Ad" law. The ad disguised the campaign disclaimer as a photo credit.

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Confirmed: Bush Will Rally for Kilgore

By on 11.4.05 | 2:07PM

The Kilgore campaign has confirmed that President Bush will join the candidate at a Richmond airport hanger rally Monday night. Press secretary Tim Murtaugh said in a statement,

We are thrilled to have the support of the Leader of the Free World. The best way to fire up our voters is to have the President come into Virginia less than twelve hours before the polls open. George Bush knows how to win elections, and in a close race, this is the greatest boost we could have asked for.

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A Great Migration

By on 11.4.05 | 1:57PM

While France is under siege from immigrants from North Africa who've settled into dingy unemployment and no future prospects, Britain is attracting thousands monthly from eastern Europe who immediately find work and help keep the local economy humming. Surprise, surprise, they don't riot. Just don't let them become local soccer fans.

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