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Get Smashed on a Tuesday Night

By on 1.31.06 | 5:47PM

It's the State of the Union drinking game! Sample: "Every time the camera shows.... John Kerry: Threaten to talk through the rest of the speech until your friends 'cloture' you, then 1 long drink."

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SOTU Preview

By on 1.31.06 | 5:04PM

Thanks to a White House source, we can give you the following  excerpts from the president's State of the Union address to be delivered at 9 pm tonight:

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Timmy’s Better Way

By on 1.31.06 | 4:52PM

The Dems are sending around excerpts from Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine's response to the State of the Union Address. It appears that his theme is "there's a better way."

An interesting note to strike for the party devoid of ideas. Take his section on taxes, for example:

Tonight, we heard the President again call to make his tax policies permanent, despite his Administration's failure to manage our staggering national debt. Over the past five years, we've gone from huge surpluses to massive deficits. No parent makes their child pay the mortgage. Why should we allow this Administration to pass down the bill for its reckless spending to our children and grandchildren?

The better way turns out to be Democratic Party retread: tax hikes. That was Mark Warner and Tim Kaine's "better way" for Virginia -- the biggest tax increase in Commonwealth history. Look for concrete ideas and not more of the same from the Democrats tonight. But don't hold your breath.

Also, we'll be watching the State of the Union tonight on AmSpecBlog. Join us here for running commentary.

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Hollywood Goes to War, Year 5

By on 1.31.06 | 3:27PM

Alternative history writing project continues at Academy Award bunker where the war in year five is regarded as useful but over budget and wrongly cast.

Of the five films for best, have paid to see one, Munich, and aim to see one more on DVD, Good Night, and Good Luck; am uncompelled by the alternate lifestyle persons in Brokeback Mountain and Capote, and am unattracted to traffic incidents in L.A. in Crash.  Hollywood says you make only the movies you can't get out of: my version is you go only to the movies you can't get out of.

Did hurry to pay to see Syriana, because it is based on a book by a confessional, compelling, ironic CIA officer, Baer.

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Dhimmied Danes

By on 1.31.06 | 2:21PM

The cartoon-generated Arab boycott of Danish goods has become serious enough that one affected company, Arla Foods (a milk and dairy products exporter with a nearly $500 million annual market in the Middle East) has seen its sales plummet to near zero according to the BBC.

The Saudis -- ever the voice of reason -- are escalating the controversy. Interior minister Prince Naif has called on all Arab and Islamic nations to take a stand, saying that the cartoon depictions of Mohammed were denigrating to him and insulting to all Muslims. The Danes' response is uneven. The government, while defending freedom of the press is at odds with Arla's directors who seem to welcome dhimmitude if it can restore their sales. According to the Saudi government daily, Arab News:

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Dr. Z and Mordor

By on 1.31.06 | 12:18PM

Best Ummah source reports that the new video from bumpy Dr. Zawahri contains familiar and always revealing theology.

Dr. Z outranks the serial killing Zarqawi just because Dr. Z has intimate connection to the spiritual component of the jihad. When strongman Zarqawi speaks, it is the voice of a regional commander, exhorting, threatening, boasting, otherwise behaving like a Kubrick ape-man in the opening act of 2001.

However when Dr. Z speaks, we can hear the preacherliness of the Global Caliphate: we can hear specially the rationalizations for the murder of innocence promised ahead, like the opening chapter in Hobbitville, nightmares of the Dark Land (Tolkien: Mordor) rising.

For example, Dr. Z says that there is still time for the American public to come to its senses and reject the “butcher of Washington/>/>” George Bush and accept the Al Q offer of a truce. The Arabic word for truce is hudna, and the concept of a ten-year truce is based upon a wrenching plot twist in the peculiarly justified bloodletting spectacle that is the Koran, rated R.

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Re: The Ayes Have It

By on 1.31.06 | 10:41AM

58 to 42 is about the perfect margin to drive the hard left nuts -- they believe (wrongly) that a filibuster could have stopped Alito, if only the Dems had the spine. Cracking 40 nays should generate much rending of garments, gnashing of teeth, and donkey vs. donkey infighting.

See Ed Whelan for some related points.

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Re: Sore Loser

By on 1.31.06 | 10:38AM

Dave: Yes, but Alito is a New Jersey Italian, a fact of which the states's two senatorial clowns will be reminded frequently in the coming months and years. Not only did Menendez and Lautenberg vote not to confirm, but they voted against cloture in the 72-25 vote that will really go down as the true measure of Alito's victory.

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The Ayes Have It

By on 1.31.06 | 10:34AM

Nay (42): Akaka, Baucus, Bayh, Biden, Bingaman, Boxer, Cantwell, Carper, Chafee, Clinton, Dayton, Dodd, Dorgan, Durbin, Feingold, Feinstein, Harkin, Inouye, Jeffords, Kennedy, Kerry, Kohl, Landrieu, Lautenberg, Leahy, Levin, Lieberman, Lincoln, Menendez, Mikulski, Murray, Nelson, (FL), Obama, Pryor, Reed, Reid, Rockefeller, Salazar, Sarbanes, Schumer, Stabenow, Wyden.

Aye (58): Alexander, Allard, Allen, Bennett, Bond, Brownback, Bunning, Burns, Burr, Byrd, Chambliss, Coburn, Cochran, Coleman, Collins, Conrad, Cornyn, Craig, Crapo, DeMint, DeWine, Dole, Domenici, Ensign, Enzi, Frist, Graham, Grassley, Gregg, Hagel, Hatch, Hutchison, Inhofe, Isakson, Johnson, Kyl, Lott, Lugar, Martinez, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, Nelson (Neb.), Roberts, Santorum, Sessions, Shelby, Smith, Snowe, Specter, Stevens, Sununu, Talent, Thomas, Thune, Vitter, Voinovich, Warner.

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Sore Loser

By on 1.31.06 | 10:13AM

After his wistful yearning for Harriet, Harry Reid is nearly re-reading Ted Kennedy's Center for American Progress speech from two weeks ago. Pal, the gig is up. Now's the time for grace. You could use all the good will you can engender with your lobbying ties under such close scrutiny (see today's Prowler report).

UPDATE: This is really the kitchen sink approach: throw everything at Alito -- he's not a woman, he's not Hispanic. Make up your mind!

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