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Max McGee: an Appreciation

By on 10.30.07 | 4:08PM

I meant all last week to post a nice, thoughtful mini-essay on the passing of former NFL great Max McGee. I never had time, and am slammed now. Just let it be said that he was one of a kind, a great clutch player, a reputation for being a kind and giving person, and qite a character as well. As Tulane football is in my blood for many reasons, and as the Green Bay Packers have always been my second favorite NFL team after the N.O. Saints, Max McGee of Tulane and Packer fame was a double-hero for me in retrospect, even though he retired just before I was old enough to pay attention to individual football players. He died at age 75, falling from a roof while cleaning leaves. What a shame. But, in his spirit, I've been meaning to tip back an adult beverage in his honor. Do read the link I provided. May Max McGee rest in peace, except for those times when HE wants to raise a little he** for old times sake!

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