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Re: Thompson at Club for Growth

By on 10.17.07 | 6:52PM

Phil, I am certain you accurately reported it since he said the same thing on Kudlow a few months back but frankly it's incoherent. If we have interstate commerce with national corporations then by his own definition Congress should be able to regulate it, including passing tort reform. By forum shopping in any jurisdiction plaintiffs lawyers will otherwise use the "best" law they can find to sue corporations, ringing up huge damages and legal costs. (To their credit Romney and Rudy have both made this point and seem genuinely aware of the burden on businesses imposed by out of control civil litigation. Here's a case where Romney would do well to draw on his experience as a businessman to make the case for his policy proposals.) Tort reform is a significant issue, factors in meaningful health care reform and was a problem in Thompson's record according to Club for Growth. On another note, it seems that his campaign got spooked and issued a clarification significantly muddying up his specific suggestions on curbing Medicare costs. That is a shame since this was the most noteworthy and thought provoking part of his message.

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