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Overseeing Oversight

By on 10.10.07 | 5:24PM

While we appreciate all of the wonderful calls we've been getting from the wacky Left and MoveOn types who read Rep. Henry Waxman's web page (if he had a Facebook page, we'd be first in line to be his "friend"), it won't sway us from our reporting of earlier this week. And we stand by our story, which was conveyed to us by an Oversight Committee staffer. Further, we have been made aware of some conversations between staff on Oversight and career staff at the Federal Communications Commission about how best to approach oversight hearings on FCC policies.

The fact is Rep. Waxman and his Oversight Committee have been looking for any opportunity to 1. Pursue and attack conservatives and the Bush Administration; and 2. Gain gobs of publicity for Democrats in general and Rep. Waxman specifically. He accomplishes these lofty goals by using taxpayer dollars to investigate any number of individuals, organizations, government entities, corporations and industries. And he has the staff to do it.

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