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Soft Hair, Soft Fascism

By on 9.27.07 | 11:21AM

In a really very funny live-blog of the debate last night, Dave Weigel got off a great line about Edwards and healthcare:

9:49: Ah, I missed John Edwards and his soft fascism. He won't let "the special interests sit around a table" to decide what health care reform we'll have, because that would exclude "the rest of America." So is he going to book a room for 300 million people? No: He's going to decide what health care plan we should have.

And here are his final moments as well:

10:36: Kucinich tells a fantastic little joke. That should be the end of his campaign. And yet it won't be.

10:37: This debate is two hours long? Don't these people have jobs?

10:45: I've been experiencing internet connectivity issues all night and I've got a few deadlines in the a.m. so I'm going to cut and run. Please alert me if there's news, if Biden tackles Richardson to the floor and screams "RAHOWA" or something.

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