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Top 10 Things You Won’t Hear at the Debate

By on 9.26.07 | 10:10AM

It's time for yet another Democratic debate. So, it's time for another Top Ten List of Things You Won't Hear:
1. I want to thank for making the Petraeus hearings such a success.
2. Thanks to Lee Bollinger, Americans can see there is someone with even less common sense than us.
3. If we all say "Islamic Terrorism," will the Giuliani camp stop taunting us?
4. Well, I suppose if Hillary wore an "I love W" button she could still lose the nomination.
5. Glad that GM strike settled -- I might have actually been expected to explain how capitulating to the UAW's demands would be good for the economy.
6. I miss Alberto Gonzales -- and goodness knows Chuck Schumer does.
7. Norman Hsu? I'll give the balance of my time to Hillary.
8. Yes, "Democrat" is nice but "Not The Republican" is how I and the Congressional candidates will be listed on the November ballot.
9. North Korea and Syria? Joe Biden's the smart one -- go ask him.
10. I should have listened to Fred Thompson and done Leno instead.

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