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Re: Huckabee Skips Mackinac

By on 9.21.07 | 5:50PM

It is possible, John, they couldn't get a flight after his NRA speech which was late today and get there in time for tomorrow. ( I think he orginally had a lunchtime spot.) Having not pored over the airline schedules I leave open the alternative theory of not wanting to fly with the common folk.
UPDATE: His spokesman explains: "Thanks to a new law by Congress that went into effect Monday, we were prohibited from using the air transportation that was being provided that made getting there possible. Commercial airline schedules couldn't get us there until after things were over Friday - and we would have to have left even before they started on Saturday. The new rules are fine if a candidate has unlimited money or its own plane, but for those of us who don't, it has really hampered our ability to get places.
I was really looking forward to attending the Michigan event this weekend, but unfortunately the realities of my schedule overcame my ability to get there, on time to speak and meet with supporters. I called the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party to express my regret and the rationale for my decision, and I appreciate his understanding of this most unfortunate development. I know that this will be a tremendous event and I wish all participants a successful weekend in what is truly one of the most scenic parts of the country."

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