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Re: It’s Not Just Hillary

By on 9.19.07 | 11:24AM

Phil, don't get me wrong. I think the "one size fits all" critique is a much better one for Romney. Better because it's true and better because it's not a flip flop from earlier comments. But clearly early in the week there was much geshrying and a public pronouncement from camp Romney about the evils of socialized HillaryCare. Once press reports started pointing out that there isn't a heck of a lot philosophically separating the two, the "it's evil socialism" attack pretty much disappeared. Maybe he should do what Thompson did on No Child Left Behind (and to some degree on McCain Feingold)--just say it (Commonwealth Care) didn't work out as planned. That also would ring true since, as you and other have pointed out, health insurance costs turned out to be much higher and sign up rates for coverage much lower than Romney and supporters of his plan anticipated.

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