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Re: Mandate Mitt Watch

By on 9.18.07 | 10:55AM

It is also worth pointing out something Romney said when attacking HillaryCare yesterday:

Our objectives in health care are to bring down the costs of health insurance for everyone and to get all of our citizens inside the system - to get them all insured. What her plan does is it relies on government.
This is problematic, because once conservatives start to argue that the ultimate goal is to achieve universal coverage, they've lost. When they do this, it just becomes an argument over degree, and not principle; it becomes about what plan ofters more of a guarantee that the shared goal of universal coverage is met. I reject the argument that Republicans can "neutralize" this issue by the type of major concessions Romney made in Massachusetts. This was the same bill of goods conservatives were sold with the Medicare prescription drug plan, and here we are four years later still talking about how to close the gap on this issue.

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