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Rudy Wants NY Times’s Special MoveOn Rate

By on 9.13.07 | 2:21PM

Whatever one might say about Rudy's weaknesses in a GOP primary, it must be acknowledged that he knows how to seize on an opportunity when he gets it. After getting a banner Drudge headline yesterday for accusing Hillary of spewing "political venom" for her suggestion that Gen. Petraeus was cooking the books, Giuliani today called on the NY Times to give his campaign the same discounted rate it gave for its ad attacking Gen. Petraeus, so that the Giuliani campaign can take out an ad coming to Petraeus's defense. The audio of his comments here. And by way of background, here is the NY Post story on the steep discount MoveOn received -- the liberal group paid $65,000 for an ad that normally sells for $181,692.

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