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David Broder Won’t Like This

By on 9.7.07 | 8:13PM

Remember when David Broder got all excited that Thompson was going to tackle entitlements and talk substantively about the huge trainwreck ahead. Well, never mind. From Thompson on the bus in Iowa: I have no plan, let's convene a committee. No, really.

"Asked whether he thought payroll taxes should increase, benefits should decrease, or the retirement age should go up, Thompson demurred. He talked about the need for a strong economy and said the next president should promise to convene a group immediately after being elected that will commit to tackling the social security issue and other entitlement reform.

'It would have to be in the context of discussions about everything else. By everything else, I'm talking about our whole entitlement situation. Social is not really as imminent. It has to be a global deal,' he said. 'It's not necessary at this stage of the game exactly what you would insist upon or not insist upon at this stage of the game. That would probably be counterproductive.'"

Thank goodness we have Thompson to tell us we have an entitlement problem and it's not so good to talk specifics now. And a committee--who would have thought.

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