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Blog Collegiality and the Presidential Election

By on 8.21.07 | 10:15AM

This morning, for what seems like the third, fourth, or fifth week in a row, I opened the AmSpec blog to find six out of the first ten posts from Jennifer Rubin, all of them on the Presidential race, and most of them longer than anybody else's postings. I feel about this race much the same way Wes Pruden does: I wish somebody would take it out and shoot it. So I'm impatient with the subject matter, for starters.

A group blog is a conversation, not a monologue. Jennifer, if you've got that much to say, start your own blog, sell your own advertising, and reference it here -- see the examples of James Poulos, John Tabin, and Shawn Macomber.

For now, the way it is, I find the AmSpec blog nearly unreadable, and that's a pity.

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