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Obama vs. Hillary on Pakistan

By on 8.7.07 | 8:04PM

After Chris Dodd criticized Obama's recent statements on Pakistan, Obama retorted by saying he found it ironic that those who brought the country into one of the greatest foreign policy disasters of all time were criticizing him for wanting to go after the people who actually attacked us. He clarified that what he said in his speech was that he would work with Musharraf, but if there was actionable intellegence on bin Laden, America should act if Musharraf cannot. Trying to agian play the role of the responsible grownup, Hillary fired back that "I don't think people running for president should entertain hypotheticals" because of the signals it sends the world. She concluded, "You can think big, but you don't have to say everything you're thinking." So in other words, you should say whatever you need to get elected. On TV, it seemed that her answer was greeted with boos. Obama fired back, to cheers (keep in mind it's a hometown Chicago crowd) that this was an important discussion to be having that should not just be occuring among "washington insiders."

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