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Credit to McCain

By on 8.5.07 | 2:10PM

McCain's full answer to his "what mistakes did you make" question: "I would imagine that in 1967, in the USS Forrestal, where we'd just had a horrendous fire and the ship was headed back to the United States, and a guy came onboard and said, "We need people to go over to another aircraft carrier and stay in combat," that was a very defining moment. I thought about that a lot in the intervening five and a half years in prison. The other mistake was when I went to a meeting among some regulators concerning a guy who was a supporter of mine. It was a mistake and one I never should have made."

The latter was the first reference I've heard him make to the Keating Five scandal. Politicians deserve credit when they admit to real mistakes not just fake ones. ("Oh I just work too darn hard.") Kudos to him on this.

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