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Debate 7

By on 8.5.07 | 11:26AM

Question about mistakes each has made? Huckabee says didn't take care of his health.(He lost 110 lbs.) Romney says he was "deeply against" abortion but ran on pro-choice platform. Rudy gets a big laugh by saying he couldn't list them in 30 seconds and he'd tell his faults to George's father, a priest. McCain talks movingly about his capture.

Note: Think Romney answer could have been phrased better. Sounds like he was confessing to faking or hiding his views when he ran in 2002. He does get points for candor perhaps.

Question about what key thing they would do. McCain talks about transcending fight against terrorism. Rudy talks about restoring hope and how he can accomplish great things. He talks about executive experience and that his --you got-- NYC experience shows he can accomplish things. Romney talks about strengthening military, economy, and American family. (This is his Reagan three legged stool.)

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