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Debate 5

By on 8.5.07 | 11:00AM

On bridges, Rudy says accusation that raising taxes would give us safer bridges. Cites his -- you got it, bridge experience in NYC -- and talks about his success in lowering tax rates (which increased revenue) and properly funding bridge repair. Goes after Edwards for proposal to raise capital gains taxes. Romney talks about strong economy and priorities in spending. McCain gives it to Congress for porkbarrel spending rather than infrastructure maintenance.

At commercial break. There is a reason why they are in the top tier. McCain, Rudy and Romney look knowledgeable and assertive. McCain is a bit grim in tenor but shines when he reminds us of stakes in Iraq. Rudy shows most command of detail and is making his case effectively that NYC experience matters. Romney looks more at ease and less scripted than in the past.

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