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Debate 4

By on 8.5.07 | 10:51AM

Obama quote on invading Pakistan. Rudy says he didn't agree with Obama despite what George says. Rudy repeats that he would maintain his options but talks about importance of past efforts to work with Musharraf. Romney repeats that it is silly to say we're going to invade unilaterally on national TV. George replays Bush's inauguration speech touting democracy and then mentions problems with elections in Middle East. Huckabee says wouldn't force democracy on others and shouldn't be focus of foreign policy. Rather than realism sounds isolationism. Ron Paul similarly argues to spread democracy by example. Again chiding the "neo-cons" and nation building. Rudy says democracy is not immediately going to elections and requires rule of law and stability. Says sometimes it is a long-term goal and going to elections so quickly may be a mistake. Works in reference to New York City -- people don't have civil rights if afraid for their safety. McCain agrees with Rudy that rule of law is key and naive to say never use nuclear power or invade Pakistan (referring back to Obama). Quotes JFK on bearing any burden and importance of advocating human rights. Romney agrees that democracy not defined by a vote. Does say he's not a carbon copy of Bush on view of democracy but talks about importance of values. Criticizes Ron Paul isolationism.

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