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Debate part 2

By on 8.5.07 | 10:23AM

The other Thompson delves into the "pro-choice" position, saying it is a problem for the Catholic church. (Gotta think this is a loser argument and turns off far many than it persuades.) McCain asked about importance of abortion. McCain says abortion has to do with "national security" because it goes too our respect for life. He gets back on firmer ground saying national security is the key and he is the most qualified and needs no on the job training. Ron Paul sounds like Nancy Pelosi advocating immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Lots of Ron Paul cheers. Duncan Hunter analogizes to Cold War. Mentions progress in Anbar and Democrats failure to "pause in rush to the exits" despite improved news. Huckabee makes pitch for oil independence. George asks McCain about failure to meet benchmarks. McCain says of course we stay and expresses disappointment with Iraqi government. Says we "are winning." Argues we will win debate in September and we won't set a date for withdrawl. Rudy reminds us again that Democrats never say Islamic fundamentalism. Restates we should seek victory and mentions Brookings op-ed editorial noting "we might just win." Makes the argument that if we can bring stability [no appeals to democracy here] we will have won. Romney echoes McCain and Rudy. Has a very funny Obama joke, saying he went from "Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove."

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