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Debate Part 1

By on 8.5.07 | 10:10AM

George goes through the poll numbers as he introduces the candidates. Fred Thompson's poll numbers mentioned. He starts with Brownback's ad attacking Romney's pro-life credentials. Brownback stands by it. Romney says nothing true in the ad. He says he is pro-life (but doesn't address his earlier embrace of pro-choice provisions). He avoids the particulars of the past and restates his current views. He does concede at the end of the exchange he was pro-choice but forcefully restating his current views and gets a hearty round of applause. Then, Romney gets asked about Rudy Giuliani attacks and seems to back off comments in an earlier interview. On balance I think he comes through well. Rudy responds that he supports Second Amendment and opposes gay marriage. Emphasizes record in reducing abortion but says still pro-choice. He gets a big round of applause too.

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