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Ten things You WON’T hear at the GOP Debate

By on 8.3.07 | 12:56PM

My top ten things you won't hear at the Democratic debate got a few laughs, so here's the list for the Republicans for Sunday:

1. Alberto Gonzales is my ideal attorney general.
2. If you liked George Bush's management style, you'll love mine.
3. Do you really think it's fair to have to pony up a bushel load of money and rent buses to win a straw poll vote?
4. Obama was only partially right -- we should add Mugabe to the despot tour list.
5. If we knew it would have cost John Edwards money, we'd have been in favor of increasing taxes on hedge funds too.
6. Perhaps Bush's immigration reform bill was a good idea.
7. I think we haven't talked enough about spouses in this campaign.
8. Could I please have a "what do you think of Barack Obama's foreign policy ideas" question?
9. I'm sure a Hillary Supreme Court would be just fine -- look how well Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned out.
10. If I say I'm just "testing the waters," can I skip this question?

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