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But How Can This Be, Professor?

By on 8.2.07 | 10:55PM

The New York Times reports: "Young women in New York and several of the nation's other largest cities who work full time have forged ahead of men in wages, according to an analysis of recent census data." The reason: women are going to college in larger numbers than men and gravitating to big cities in search of high paying jobs. My favorite line is from Kelly Kraft, a 25 year old who works in New York: "In women's-studies courses you always heard that men were making more money, and it was a disadvantage being a woman," Ms. Kraft said. "It's great that it's starting to turn around." Could be those women's studies courses were just nonsense all along, Ms. Kraft. Indeed the same study "also showed that men were in some ways moving backward. Among all men - including those with college degrees - real wages, adjusted for inflation, have declined since 1970. And among full-time workers with advanced degrees, wages for men increased only marginally even as they soared for women. Nationally, men's wages in general declined while women's remained the same." Perhaps some men's studies courses are in order. The victim industry must stay current after all.

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