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We interrupt the YearlyKos Festivities

By on 8.2.07 | 9:43PM

I'm transfixed by Shawn's reports. Not since watching Rocky Horror Picture Show have I had the same sense of amazement that grown adults could put on such an act with a straight face. But anyway, here to report that this afternoon Judge Southwick's confirmation was voted out of committee 10-9 with the help of Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who found not a scrap of evidence to support the racism charge being hurled about. Will he get a prompt vote now on the floor? We'll see. Two things: 1) Do not underestimate the decency and nerve it took Sen. Feinstein to buck her colleagues and do the right thing and 2) It is a sad state of affairs when 9 Democrats on that committee after all of this STILL voted no. Back to Shawn...

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