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Rudy and Milton

By on 8.2.07 | 11:22AM

David, I would make several points on the Rudy health care plan. Milton Friedman, father of the earned income tax credit, ( he used the term "negative income tax" I believe), I am fairly certain, would be pleased with a plan that put money in the hands of millions of consumers rather than move toward making government the source of health care or health care insurance. Second, removing 1900 state mandates -- i.e. government regulations -- which limit consumer choice is quite a Friedman like approach. Third, reducing a classic "barrier to entry" (government bureaucracy/regulations) on new products, in this case new drugs, is another pro-free market aspect of the plan. Finally, the plan indisputably improves consumers' ability to purchase insurance markets across state lines. Whether it is sufficient in this regard and whether the plan as a whole doesn't go far enough to increase freedom in the health care field I think is a legitimate argument. You and I might subscribe to the "pay for it yourself" plan but there are certain political realities at work.Certainly no one (with the exception of President Bush who did offer a long since forgotten tax based health care proposal) has come close to this and all the Democratic candidates' proposals take us in the opposite direction. I am curious to see what the other Republican candidates offer.

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