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By on 7.30.07 | 8:43PM

David, a great question. On one hand, there seems to be nothing but grief to be had by more waiting. I've been dogged in urging him to get in so logically I would agree that he should declare soon. He can say that he has heard the overwhelming cries to enter and will honor his supporters' wishes and get in now. On the other hand, he was avoiding an entry before September for a reason --what we're not sure, but a reason nevertheless. Is he personally not ready to deal with the media? Does he not have an advance team? (Cynics say he still wants his "Law and Order" residuals but what could a month's worth of residual checks be worth?) If he throws in the towel and gets in now and looks unprepared and disorganized then the "testing the waters" problem becomes a "real candidate" problem. On balance I would say get in, give it a go and show up in Ames to debate his foes. He could surprise everyone and get some momentum back.

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