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By on 7.30.07 | 2:09PM

Buzz is starting about Fred's June fundraising number which will be released tomorrow. Politico, echoing prior leaks, says it's in the range of $3M. This would be $1.6M less than the First-Day Founders pledged to bring in. The Romney camp is more than happy to point out that they were up to $3M between 1 and 2 pm on their first fundraising telethon day which netted $6.5M. $3M is not the eye popping sign of a Fred groundswell they would like but if the pace has picked up and the July fundraisers are showing strong results nothing prevents the Fred folks from releasing the July figure. I think this is not a money problem but an expectations problem which the new Fred team will need to address. There really are drawbacks to entering late and trying to make a grand entrance.

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