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Fred on Hannity and Colmes

By on 7.26.07 | 10:48PM

Thompson did appear on Hannity and Colmes tonight but alas was not pressed on the current problems in his campaign. Sean did joke with him about being a "trophy husband" but unfortunately couldn't work in a question as to what is going on with his campaign staff and whether more changes are in store. For that matter Thompson wasn't asked any policy question (taxes? budget reform? Iraq?). He did chime in that he agrees with Hillary (as Romney and McCain already said) in her tussle with Obama. He seemed unfazed by criticism that he is delaying his entry too long and exploiting the cocoon of his "testing the waters" status. To the contrary, he seemed to gloat: "But I'm doing it at my own pace, and they want to make sure that I don't get all the benefit from it because I seem to be doing ok without announcing yet and some of the detriment, so they're making sure I get some detriment, so I'm getting attention from the Democratic National Committee and even Senator Clinton the other day, and Michael Moore and a few other folks. We can live with that."(From a rough transcript) Frankly, this is not what is going to calm conservatives nerves. Can he answer tough questions? Can he define himself and his campaign so as to provide a story line other than "who got fired today"? Can he get into the arena and duke it out with tough minded opponents on a daily basis? This really does not move the ball down the field.

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