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By on 7.26.07 | 8:23PM

Fred: If "going off the rails" is the lead in -- on Fox no less -- it has not been a good day. Listen, this is correctable but only if the Fred folks perceive the problem and quickly make a decision to act like a first class presidential campaign. Campaigns basically do reflect the person at the top-- his organizational and communication skills in particular-- so it is a good test as to whether Fred is everything some conservative hope he will be. Better this happens now than in the fall.

Romney: Thought the plane story was mildly amusing, but clearly of more consequence I think is his challenge to Rudy that "I think we can't win the presidency without a pro-life, pro-family Republican.'' Rudy responded by listing his achievements in cleaning up porn and making NYC livable. This is going to be one interesting argument.

Dissing the snowman: Looks like Romney and Rudy may be no shows at the GOP YouTube/CNN debate in September. A shame I think since judging by the Obama-Hillary ongoing row after their YouTube contest these events sure can shake things up.

UPDATE: Romney spokesman Kevin Madden clarifies: "We did receive an invitation today. We currently have seven debate inviations over an eleven day span in September that are under consideration. No final decision has been delivered at this point."

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