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By on 7.25.07 | 7:05PM

Quin, we'll have agree to disagree. I've actually covered his speeches and reported on many of them here and elsewhere (if you have noticed I'm pretty interested in his candidacy) and what I'm saying is nothing new: a zinger aimed at Michael Moore and a defense of Scooter Libby does not a wonk make. He has set out no tax, energy, spending or health care proposals and has yet to sketch out his ideas on any of these issues, even in broad strokes. "Be tougher on Iran" is a nice soundbite but Romney has given a detailed address on the subject. Unlike Romney and McCain he has given no substantive address on economics. Unlike Rudy he has suggested no model for government reform or overarching governing principles to shape his campaign.With no legislative record and no executive experience this is a problem and Fred -heads or whoever do him no favor by saying "everything is fine, perfectly fine." The difference between a 30 second YouTube video and a full blown agenda is substantial and I suspect a significant reason for his delayed entrance.

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