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By on 7.25.07 | 5:19PM

My, get away for a few hours and look at all the action. I agree with much that has been said but must disagree with Quin on one point. I think aside from the conversation you describe with NRO, Thompson has been contentless. His Kudlow interview was a prime example-- other than defending his opposition to tort reform he said he couldn't answer any specific questions. Unlike Romney who gave a detailed policy address in Florida to the YR kids(remember when we hated being called that?), Thompson gave 10 minutes of utter fluff. His Orange County speech likewise got poor reviews. I love Sean Hannity, but a tough interview he is not. Thompson needs to say something and something in depth which gives conservatives a sense he is up to this. He is in part a victim of starting late when other have loads to say and are practiced saying it. Spencer Abraham is a smart guy, many say, and can perhaps help Fred move ahead in this regard.

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