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Could be a change for the better?

By on 7.24.07 | 4:57PM

Word comes of a shake up in Fred Thompson's campaign. Thomas Collamore is out and Spencer Abraham and Randy Enwright are in. CNN suggests it is a reaction to conflicts with Thompson's wife who acts as a key advisor. Others, like I, can do no more than speculate but several observations are in order. So far Thompson has lacked a forceful message, has had a tough time handling the first curve ball which came his way (i.e. the pro-choice lobbying snafu) and has set himself adrift until a September announcement while opposing camps begin to slowly beat up on him. If this move cures these problems and sets his campaign on a well defined and aggressive course, it will be all for the better. If not, and this shake up is indicative of an enduring lack of focus and internal rifts, it will be the beginning of a long stumble. I think the clearest sign that he has set a new course would be a prompt announcement of his candidacy and his appearance in Ames to speak and take questions from the media. It would certainly go a long way toward curing doubts about his readiness and commitment.

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