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Hillary Wins Twice

By on 7.24.07 | 4:45PM

After winning the debate Hillary is now winning the debate about the debate. She is going to town on Obama's statement that he would visit a list of the world's top bad guys in his first year in office. Aided by Madeleine Albright and campaign memos she is making the case that she is the only savvy, clear eyed adult in the field who is capable of leading the country. When I made this argument last night, some in the MSM pooh-poohed it and said I was "thinking like a Republican." Well, apparently Hillary thinks a whole lot of Democrats agree too. This is her moment to make Obama into Jerry Ford who declared in his debate against Carter that Poland was not dominated by the Soviets. The remark sealed his image as a sweet but hapless figure. If Hillary can likewise cement the image of Obama as a naive fellow who would fall prey to the world's wolves, not to mention those mean Republicans, she will have gone a long way toward winning the nomination.

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