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Novak’s Mild Response to Gingrich

By on 7.24.07 | 2:41PM

Columnist Robert Novak spoke today here in Raleigh at a luncheon for the John Locke Foundation, and at the beginning of his remarks he mentioned Newt Gingrich's comments about him yesterday at an American Spectator breakfast. To recount, Gingrich said:

"Sometimes he's right and sometimes he's just venomous. Robert Novak is a personality. He's allowed to be who he is. He was once a good reporter. He's now just a personality… I made mistakes. I also created a Republican majority, balanced the federal budget and reformed welfare. That doesn't count in Novak's world."

Novak, to his credit, showed some restraint which you can see here:

Novak today also reminisced about his newsmaking incident in December 2005, when during his last visit to the Locke Foundation he unwittingly told the crowd (not expecting that any media folks were there) that President Bush should know who leaked Valerie Plame's name to him. An amusing recount of those events.

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