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Advice For Thompson

By on 7.20.07 | 1:50PM

The Editors at NRO have advice for Thompson on managing the pro-life issue: admit a conversion and take credit for having seen the error of his ways and voting strongly pro-life once in the Senate. Sage advice, I think, if he had done it up front. However, I wonder if it isn't too late to for him to slap his forehead and say "Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you about my conversion." Listen, reams have been written ( a lot by me, come to think of it) voicing skepticism about Romney's pro-life conversion but at least he had his story down early and stuck with it. I think if Thompson tries to do it after the lobbying snafu it seems entirely contrived, especially since he would be the second pro-life convert in the race. There are some benefits to wanting to be President for awhile and planning ahead.

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