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Ohio and Michigan Jump the Line

By on 7.16.07 | 5:48AM

Just when political junkies thought they had mastered the primary calendar comes word Ohio and Michigan may be moving their dates up to late January. In the most recent polls Giuliani leads in Ohio in the Strategic Vision poll at 25% with Romney at 15% and McCain and Thompson at 14%. In Michigan, despite Romney's family ties he polled in latest Quinnipiac poll at only 8%, with McCain at 14%, Thompson at 18% and Giuliani at 24%. Moving up these large states with expensive media markets will once again put a premium on money and organization and candidates with more urban appeal. Political gurus will continue to debate whether these states detract from or add to the importance of the earliest states (Iowa and New Hampshire) but clearly candidates will have to divert time and money to Ohio and Michigan if these primary dates leapfrog Super Duper Tuesday.

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