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Re: Thompson and Lobbying

By on 7.13.07 | 11:18AM

After reviewing my emails with Thompson's spokesman, his missive through Campaign Spot, and the last round of commentary on this issue I think much is still unclear. If Thompson did call Sununu and talk about their respective recollections(as Thompson told Sean Hannity earlier this week) was this appropriate and wise? Has Thompson's initial denial about representing this group and lobbying the White House in fact been revoked? ( I think so, but he hasn't quite said so.) I concur entirely with Phil that the substance of this story stemming from his alleged lobbying actions 16 years ago is less important than the way in which he and his campaign have dealt with this. One of the risks in delaying his official announcement is that the "gap" in news gets filled with stories like these and then, if not properly responded to, the inevitable critiquing of how he handled it.

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