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Hillary And Big Business Not Like Oil And Water

By on 7.13.07 | 8:50AM

Over at the Examiner, Tim Carney looks at how Hillary Clinton campaign manager Mark Penn's business interests comport nicely with legislation supported by the Senator from New York:

Bloomberg News acquired and reported on some of Penn's in-house messages at Burson-Marsteller, which suggest that Penn, despite his denials, is also actively working with Royal Dutch Shell, an oil company. While Clinton has had little good to say about oil and the industry's "windfall profits," many of her "clean-energy" proposals would profit Penn's client.

For at least a decade, Shell has been investing hundreds of millions of dollars in "renewable fuels" such as solar energy and biomass, and the company supported the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. Through investments in currently uneconomical technologies, Shell could reap big profits if government action mandates or subsidizes these technologies. Sure enough, Hillary has sponsored or co-sponsored many bills pushing subsidies for renewable fuels such as those owned by Shell.

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