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Sessions, Vitter, and DeMint

By on 6.28.07 | 5:59PM

As a longtime critic of David Vitter, let me offer this olive branch: He was magnificent yesterday in highlighting the "railroad" tactics of Harry Reid. In that light, he deserves credit along with the great Jeff Sessions and the impressive Jim DeMint (the two MOST important leaders on this) for derailing the awful immigration bill. Their hardy little band won a huge victory against all odds. My hat is off to them.

Now, I only wish the rest of the lawmakers would learn a lesson from this: Rather than trying to pass huge catch-all bills, break it down into its constituent parts and pass the ones that attract majorities, while leaving behind those parts that aren't popular. We really do need immigration reform -- and it might be wise to include some sort of guest worker program after the various enforcement measures are actually not just "implemented" but actually WORKING. But that won't happen any time soon, now.... Oh, well....

Anyway, again, congrats to Sessions and DeMint and Vitter.

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