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Feinstein and Duke

By on 6.24.07 | 5:59AM

Wlady just forwarded me an e-mail from an irate reader who characterized my review of John Feinstein's Tales from Q School as "column filler," because Feinstein had said "despicable" things about the Duke lacrosse players case. A quick Google yields some apparent Feinstein broadcast comments summarized in a sports blog here and a Feinstein column griping about all things Duke here.

These comments are indeed not attractive to me, either. As are some of Feinstein's other habits, of a piece with these columns. He is very self-righteous, and quite impressed with himself. (Christopher Hitchens is not?) In golf, for instance, the only subject where I have read Feinstein, he dubbed Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie "Mrs. Doubtfire," and labored to do so, and then rued the fact that fans had picked up the nickname and thrown it at Montgomery.

That doesn't mean he can't write. He can write like an angel.

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