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Taking Back America

By on 6.20.07 | 9:38AM

Blogging from the Take Back America conference in DC, sponsored by the liberal group Campaign for America's Future. Right now, John Murtha is introducing Nancy Pelosi.

I came right after Hillary Clinton left, and just watched Dennis Kucinich give a fiery address. It really is an alternate universe from CPAC here. At CPAC the big applause lines involve cutting taxes, killing terrorists, and withdrawing from the U.N.

Here, Kucinich garnered multiple standing ovations for expressing such ideas as:

"The occupation must end."

"We must challenge war as an instrument of policy."

Negotiating peace with Iran and Syria.

"I believe the path the peace runs through Jerusalem," which means an "even handed" policy that recognizes the "suffering of the Palestinians."

Pledging, as president, to start a cabinet level Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

Confronting "the twin threats of global warring and global warming"

We need to "go beyond Kyoto."

Vowing to start a Works Green Administration in spirit of FDR's WPA, to create millions of jobs and improve the environment.

"Make the vice president fully accountable"

"Join the international criminal court."

"Abolish all nuclear weapons."

I tried to take notes on all the rights workers are supposed to have, but I can't type that fast. But I think you get the point.

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