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Sit-Down 2

By on 6.5.07 | 8:43PM

Rudy finally clear, commanding, and crisp on socialized health care. Standing up from his chair looks professional and respectful, a dare I say Clintonian assertiveness.

Now look -- Mitt Romney, who apparently is still in the debate. He takes the opportunity to talk not "just" to conservatives who oppose MittCare. He knows well enough to stand up from his chair as well. Scattered applause for an articulate presentation of ... whatever MittCare is. And that's the problem, isn't it?

The Moral Question. Up goes Huckabee from his seat. Goes naturally for Life. "Not just during pregnancy." Wait a minute -- what exactly is Huckabee proposing? How precisely would a President Huckabee stop kids living in cars? Rudy suggests the nature of the problem, but only by suggesting we raise it globally. How precisely would a President Giuliani stop enmity and suffering in the world? To what degree? A moral obligation to share our moral rights with the world? Ron Paul takes his feet to announce that we have rejected the just war theory of Christianity. Perhaps the great moral question is once again whether and how it is moral to assertively spread morality. Brownback illustrates by calling us to save Darfur ... somehow.

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