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Debate 3, Pt. 4

By on 6.5.07 | 8:06PM

Ah, the Gay Urdu Speaking Military Linguist question. Rudy has no patience for it. Paul and Huckabee shoulder to shoulder on behavior, not attitudes. Substantive unity among the candidates as a matter of principle, not politics, far more present here tonight than round one. Romney thinks Don't Ask Don't Tell was silly, but why waste time tinkering now? McCain waves the flag successfully ... until he criticizes the army for being too small. McCain's armed forces are a big tent. All of which boils down to gays not "serving openly" -- whatever exactly we all have supposedly agreed that means.

What to do with GWBush? Thompson wants him to be a motivational speaker. Brownback says Thanks but no thanks, maybe a "tragedy overseas" will come along (dodge that irony) that Bush can help out with. Tancredo would deport Bush. NCLB, prescription drugs, immigration, Rove, all lead Tancredo to tell Bush to pound sand. HE GETS APPLAUSE.

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