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Debate 3, Pt. 1

By on 6.5.07 | 7:28PM

Hunter jumps on with Huckabee in recognizing you can talk to your adversaries and there's a point to it, too. But why do the big guys only get the nuke question? Rudy slips in a nod to diplomacy anyway -- then says the Dems aren't just stuck in a pre-2001 mindset but a pre-1991 mindset. Yet in 2004 they were already mired in a post-1968 mindset.

There are signs the operative mode is the post-2003 mindset. Applause lines for Rudy's "this is a real war" AS WELL AS Ron's "get out ASAP." What can this mean other than the divide between the war against jihadery and the war in Iraq exists clearly in the minds of real Republican voters?

Mitt wants to protect "people who love liberty." And suggests there are no peaceable fundamentalists. As for the nuke question: what's the opposite of a null set?

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